Diet Water: Does It Help In Weight Loss? (2022)

Want to find out if you can lose weight by drinking Diet Water? Let's uncover the truth behind this Diet Water!
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✍️ Written by James Chandler
Diet water weight loss


Losing weight is probably the toughest thing to do!

People will go for the fastest, quickest or the least efforts required methods to lose weight quickly.

To put it simply, people just wants to lose weight easily!

Here's a study on how just normal water play a role in weight loss.

Genetics and lifestyle do play a part when it comes to weight gain or weight loss, but nevertheless, the foundation of hard work and discipline must be there.

Whether you are working out hard, or putting in the work for a clean diet, it takes hard work to lose those pounds!

When it comes to weight loss products or supplements, they are selling very well because almost the entire world wants to lose weight.

If you're reading this article, 80% is because you want to find out if Diet Water actually helps with weight loss, are we right?

How Did Diet Water Idea Come About?

The entire world has create this demand for weight loss products, and thus different business industries such as fitness industry are selling well for their supplements.

Even the beverage and drink companies would want to jump and 'take a cut of the pie'. This means they want to earn off profits as well in this section of the pie - weight loss.

How did beverage companies market their drinks? By telling consumers like us that we can shed of some of the fats and bodyweight by drinking their drinks.

What is included in their drinks? Ingredients such as the L-Carnitine which helps with fat burning process, hence allows the consumer to lose weight.

The current craze sensation drink would be the 'Diet Water'.

There are a number of companies offering these 'Diet Water' and one of them is the Sapporo Diet Water.

Seems like a magical drink that can help with weight loss. 

Any products can sell well with great marketing. Sapporo Diet Water would have had a lot of marketing effort in it to be in hype.

Let's dive in deeper on Sapporo Diet Water and other Diet Water available in the market and find out if they  do actually work and whether they are effective with weight loss!

What is Sapporo Diet Water?

Sapporo Diet Water of course has the name from Sapporo which is a popular beer manufacturing company in the market.

In the efforts of expansion of providing more products to consumers, they have since went beyond alcohol industry to provide the Diet Water for everyone.

How Does The Sapporo Diet Water Works?

You must be wondering if this magical Diet Water actually works! I mean, if it was magical, it would've been a staple in our daily consumption!

Diet Water may seem like any ordinary water, but it contains special ingredients which allows Sapporo to claim that the Diet Water can help to lose some weight.

With every product that sells, it has to have a Unique Selling Point (USP).

Companies then market to consumers the USP of each product so they can create the awareness resulting in sales and profits.

The USP of the Sapporo Diet water is that it contains a special type of Peptide Bond (protein) that targets the fat cells via the bloodstream.

When fat cells are targeted, we believe it'll then reduce the fat cells size which in turn cause you to lose fats and lose weight.

Does The Sapporo Diet Water Actually Works?

Despite all the studies which are in progress to prove this point, all of them are still pending. This means there are no actual studies that can prove this point yet.

Nevertheless, this is the USP that the company markets to the mass audience customers.

This of course created a lot of buzz in the fitness industry which means their marketing strategies by Sapporo works!

Some fitness individuals became ambassadors to prove that they have tried the Diet Water themselves and it helped with weight loss.

In today's digital age, reviews by influential people tend to give people the trust in the products more. This is what marketing is in today's digital age.

Nevertheless, it is up to individuals whether the products work.

Even if it does help you to be more motivated to eating clean and working out more often to achieve calories deficit, we think that is actually a plus point of the Sapporo Diet Water.

Should You Start Taking The Sapporo Diet Water?

As mentioned before, there are no actual studies that can actually prove that the special peptide bond can interact with fat cells to cause you to lose fat and weight overall.

Natural plain water is already part of the equation to weight loss. Sapporo Diet Water is introduced as a vitamin water that created a lot of buzz with weight loss.

Sapporo Diet Water isn't all placebo effect. It does offer actual facts such as no calories and infused with nutrients and vitamins.

As also mentioned earlier, this will not be some magical drink that can make you lose weight quickly or instantly.

Losing weight requires hard work and discipline to work out and exercise and eat healthy clean diet. Sapporo Diet Water can be an added bonus in your consumption to assist with the fat loss.

If Sapporo Diet Water causes you to make changes to your lifestyle, we'd say its a plus point! This can be a source of motivation to keep you discipline with the lifestyle change.

If you want something that actually has a taste while is still basically water, Sapporo Diet Water might be something you could be interested in.

Are there any Diet Water alternatives?

When there is a lot of buzz and demand for a certain products, there will be bound to be others who will soon follow suit to take a share of the pie in the business.

There are other 'Diet Water' from different manufacturers available in the market today. Sapporo Diet Water originated in Japan hence it is exclusive in the country itself.

For international global customers, there are other alternatives that may be available in your country!

#1: Skinny Water

The first alternative to Sapporo Diet Water will be the Skinny Water. It is similar where it doesn't have any calories.

It comes in 9 different awesome tasty flavours.

It's USP will be the detoxifying effects as well as energy boost!

If you're looking for some perk me up drinks, this could do it for you, and shed some weight at the same time!

#2: Fitness Water

It's USP will be to re-hydrate your body better than the normal plain water.

They have artificial sweeteners to make the drinks tasty and at the same time providing healthy benefits with the ingredients inside the beverage.

Although it is on the pricier side as compared to other alternatives diet water.

#3: Mio

No, you did not read it as Milo. This is Mio, a diet water drink alternative.

This Diet Water comes in powder form which is unique as it is portable! Now you can make Diet Water anywhere!

It's USP is the powdered form as well as the flavorful taste which includes a number of vitamins and minerals to give you a health boost!

#4: Sparkling Water

Sparking water is carbonated water with a little taste to it. It's a hit and miss taste.

If you need a bit of taste in your drinks without the extra artificial flavouring and ingredients, then Sparkling water could be your alternative.

It also has zero calories and no artificial ingredient!

#5: Plain Water

Yes, normal plain water is another alternative.

We're too focused on Diet Water that we ignored that the plain water is just as beneficial.

Water is part of the equation for fat loss and increasing your intake of normal water instead of sweet drinks can allow you to have calories deficit and thus assist in weight loss.


These alternatives to Diet Water are all great in their own way.

They all have a common quality that they offer you zero calories, artificial taste and some beneficial healthy ingredients in the beverage.

Is Diet Water recommended?

If Diet Water can help you with your weight loss, you should definitely incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Everyone requires different forms of motivation to have a lifestyle change. If Diet Water does that for you, then we recommend you to continue to take them.

If you're still eating unhealthily and not exercising and expecting the Diet Water to work out some magic for you, then we recommend to stop wasting your money.

If you're willing to spend money on artificially flavoured drinks, we recommend you to put in a conscious effort to have a lifestyle change which is sustainable, towards a healthier future!

Water Diet Plan

Have you heard of the Water Diet plan? Are you planning to try it out to lose some weight?

Here are a few ways to optimize your Water Diet plan results!

#1: Diet Water

To include Diet Water in Water Diet plan is a must to optimize your results!

It offers zero calories which is a bonus. It has great artificial flavours so that you will not be sick from the taste of dieting.

It offers great health benefits with the vitamins and other ingredients such as energy booster to lift up your mood!

This will keep your water diet plan sustainable which will then allow you to see results as quick as 2 weeks' time!

#2: Intermittent Fasting

Next option to optimize your Water Diet plan will be intermittent fasting.

There are various ways of intermittent fasting but our favourite and easy to adapt will be the 16-8 hour plan.

This means that you will not consume any food during the 16 hour fast. But you can still drink plain water or no sugar coffee or tea to get your mind lifted as long as it's under 50 calories and doesn't activate the digestive system.

That 16 hours period is to allows your body to get into ketosis mode where it'll burn as much fat as possible (especially if you workout during this period).

Then you'll have an 8 hour feeding period where you can eat within reasonable means. This means you will have to eat lesser than your daily calories burnt so you can have calories deficit.

#3: Exercise

To lose weight, it is a very simple math on your calories.

Even if you eat fast food, but your calories is in deficit, technically you can still lose weight.

Diet Water and Intermittent fasting are both great ways to help you lose weight.

However, we recommend to include exercise workout routines to enhance your results further!

When you workout, you burn calories which will then increase your calories deficit. Larger calories deficit means that you'll lose weight at a faster rate!

#4: Sleep

Last but not least, you'll need to have proper rest and sleeping time so your body can recover well.

If you're not sleeping enough at least 7-8 hours, your body will start producing hormones that will retain the fats in your body as your body goes into survival mode when you have too little sleep.

Your body also requires ample time of rest to recover especially after an intense workout.


Diet water tastes great without any doubt!

It can be used as a booster from time to time to detox your body as well as boost your energy.

To take it everyday as a replacement for plain water is not recommended.

It should be seen as a complimentary drink as compared to a full water replacement drink. Too much of one thing is always not good.

Keep your budget in check when purchasing Diet Water as some doesn't come cheap!

Well if you want more gains for your hard workout instead, check out the best optimum nutrition whey protein flavor.

👍 This article is written by James Chandler
James Chandler is a freelance personal fitness trainer that specialise in crossfit and bodyweight workouts, where he teaches people of all ages and fitness levels how to get strong and healthy.  His clients range from world class athletes to non-athletes who just want to feel and look great. When he is not training his clients or training for an event, he is in the gym training hard. He uses this platform to spread his knowledge on fitness and help as many people as possible.

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Diet Water: Does It Help In Weight Loss? (2022)

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