8 Best Pull-Up Bar Stands (2022)

We’ve done the work for you. We have compiled a list of our favorite freestanding pull up bar stand this year and reviewed them so that all your needs are met!
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Picking the best pull up bar stand is not an easy task. There are many different types of stands to choose from, and a lot of factors to consider before making your final decision.

It's hard to know where to start when you're faced with so many options and need some guidance on which one will be the best for your needs.

We've done all the research for you, and compiled this list of different types of pull up rack stands that we think are worth considering.

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Benefits of Pull-ups

The pull-up is undeniably the most effective upper body exercise, not only for fitness but also mental and emotional health.

It has become a well known fact that if you want to get back in shape it should be your staple workout routine; whether or not you have access to a gym will never hurt.

If so inclined there are many different types of bars available on today's market which can allow anyone anywhere at any time with just enough space to do their dips from one end while doing push ups off the other!

Check out how different variation of pull-ups activate different back muscles.

The pull up is undoubtedly the best type of upper body work out around due its effectiveness when done by itself as an intense cardio session rather than working alongside another activity such as running (which burns calories more efficiently).

One of the best options is a pull-up bar stand or free-standing pull up bars. These come in many shapes and sizes, with more advantages than doorway mounted ones.

For example, you can place them almost anywhere without worrying about breaking door frames -or better yet! Falling on your butt while exercising if you don't have any technical know how to set it up for wall mounting variations; this option is perfect for anyone who needs an easy quick solution that will last long time as well as provide convenience.

You can't go wrong with a freestanding bar when it comes to your workout routine.

Many of these bars offer much more than just the ability to do pull-ups - there's everything from power towers and racks too!

Best Pull-up Bar Stands to get in 2022

Check out this list for some top rated free standing bars available on the market today.

1. Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station, White/Black

The Dip Station is the ultimate equipment for individuals looking to work their lower and upper body. It's specifically designed with adjustable widths so it can fit any individual size, up to 6'5".

The only thing you'll need are your own two feet! Plus, all of the parts come in a compact box that doesn't require tools or assembly- just unfold it out like an accordion and let everything snap into place on its own.

No more struggling with complex pieces or bulky machines when this one piece does the job right as soon as they step foot inside

Get those biceps bulging and abs tight with this fitness tool. The unique angled grips help you sculpt your arms, chest, shoulders and core while using premium pads to stand up against any workout routine imaginable.

With its bodyweight rows balance out what's happening in your chest by focusing on back development for a well-rounded physique or use accessories like the Bodyweight Resistance Trainers if you're looking for an intense full-body work out!

Product features

  • Dip Station stands 3' tall to fit users up to 6. 5' in height and builds up to 350 lbs


  • Very easy to store away
  • Angled grips for better workout


  • May not be suitable for beginners

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

2. Relife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station

This is a dip stand that will help you do dips at home or when traveling. The rack has three different heights which can be used for various types of exercises and it folds down to save space.

It’s made out of high-quality steel and plastics, making it sturdy yet light weight enough so as not to add too much space inside your own home.

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Dip Station Functional Heavy Duty Dip Stands Fitness Workout Dip bar Station Stabilizer Parallette pull Up bar Stand
Relife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station

This dip stand is of great quality and has a slim profile, which makes it perfect for any type of space. It can be used not only as an exercise tool but also as a functional piece in your living room or bedroom to store items like towels, shoes, books etc.

The rack is made out of high-quality steel, that is guaranteed to hold your weight, even if you’re a heavier person.

The steel is much softer than other products, which makes it perfect for beginners or less experienced people who might be struggling with dips and don't want to risk hurting themselves.

Product features

  • Height adjustable: 31.11-35.04 inch
  • Handlebars Distance: 20.1-26.8in
  • Connecting rods join bars together 
  • Double bar design
  • Stability feature/non-slip rubber feet
  • Soft handles for optimal comfort


  • Height adjustable
  • Better quality than other similar options  
  • Perfect for those with less upper body strength


  • Several complaints about missing assembly instruction
  • Few concerns with the design quality

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

3. GoBeast Dip Stand Station

A DIP BAR THAT FITS YOUR GOALS - Stay at home and build muscle like a beast! The Built to Last dip station is durable, with max user-weight of 330lbs/150kg.

Soft padded grips keep your hands from slipping while working out, which also helps maintain skin health too.

Quickly adjust the width of the dips using easy release locking pins for quick use without any hassle or struggle when you need it most; height adjustable bars allow users to stand up straight as well as bend their knees during workouts!

This is a great cheaper alternative for home workouts. It's really the easiest way to get a great workout at home!

GoBeast Dip Stand Station
GoBeast Dip Stand Station

Product features

  • Built to last with max user-weight of 330lbs/150kg
  • Soft padded grips keep hands from slipping and maintain skin health too
  • Quickly adjust width using locking pins for quick use without hassle or struggle when needed most


  • Lighweight and easy to carry around
  • Great workout with a lot of flexibility


  • Will take up a little more space than other options
  • Few concerns about assembly and design quality

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

4. Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

Ever been to a gym and thought you had found the perfect piece of equipment only find out it was too tall or short for your height? Power towers can be adjusted to meet any size person’s needs.

Relife Rebuild Your Life has created an excellent power tower that is not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well, with its angled pull-up bar with dips bars and leg raise station w/adjustable backrest arm rests, push up bars, adjustable frame between frames for other uses such as yoga mat storage.

The suction cups at the bottom keep this stand secure during workouts while also ensuring stability on all surfaces from carpeted floors in your living room to hardwood flooring in your bedroom or basement workout area.

This is a heavy duty rack that's perfect for both pull up and dip exercises. It has an adjustable weight bar, comfortable handles for dips, and the height can be set (way taller than most racks!).

It is easy to assemble and has a foldable design which makes it compact enough for storage or travel purposes. It also includes adjustable weight bars that can be used for pull-ups, leg extensions or push ups.

Product Features

  • Height adjustable for all sizes: 58.5-89 inches 
  • Adjustable armrest: 20.47-22.44 inches
  • Adjustable backrest: 7-9.6 inches
  • Basic power tower features/stations


  • Improved design
  • Adjustable height 
  • Adjustable backrests and armrests 
  • Holds up to 330 lbs


  • Bulky and not easy to move 

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

5. CAP Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Power Rack

The power rack is also the perfect tool for any type of athlete or fitness enthusiast because it has an open design to help with weight distribution and stability.

It can be used in a variety of ways, from bench pressing to squatting, which makes it ideal for people who are looking at their workouts as more than just workout time; they want results too!

More importantly, it can be used as a pull-up stand as this is our main focus for this article.

cap barbell fm-8000f deluxe power rack
CAP Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Power Rack

For a pull-up bar to be effective, it needs to have the right amount of space and height for you so that your grip isn’t too wide or too narrow and it should also be sturdy enough to take all the weight being applied onto it during each rep without shaking from side-to-side.

Product features

  • Supports barbell usage
  • Has place to hold the plate weights
  • 85″ height, 46 inches wide & 50 inches deep
  • Has a durable powder finishing for long lasting use


  • Various color options available
  • Flexibility in working out different muscle groups of the body other than the back.


  • Due to bulkiness, it will require more space than other options in this list
  • There are feedbacks on their assembly and quality.

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

6. Yoga Body Trapeze Stand

The trapeze bar is perfect for athletes of all shapes and sizes. It allows you to swing, hang a punching bag from, or even do pull-ups on it. You can also put the bars together in minutes by yourself with little experience!

The Body Trapeze stand is an excellent piece of equipment for anyone looking to work out at home. It can be used as a pull up bar, but also has other uses such as swinging and hanging exercises. The bars are easy to put together by yourself with little experience in the matter. Athletes of all shapes and sizes will enjoy this handy home workout tool for pull-ups and more.

Product features

  • Size & Specs: 9.8 ft (3 meter) wide
  • 9.8 ft (3 meter) deep
  • 9.8 ft (3 meters) tall.
  • 59.7 lbs (27.1 kg) weight.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Supports up to 600 lbs


  • It is not light enough to be carried around with ease.
  • Definitely not for homes with short ceilings

Weight capacity: 600 lbs

7. Sportsroyals Power Tower

The Sportsroyal power tower is the ultimate bodyweight workout station.

The straight pull-up bar, chin up bars, and leg raise stations offer a complete upper/lower muscle building exercise system that can be used by individuals of all fitness levels from novice to expert athlete.

It’s equipped with 8 anti-slip foot covers for stability during intense exercises like push ups or dips so you never have to worry about sliding while performing your best strength moves!

The Sportsroyal Power Tower has been featured in Best Body Weight Towers reviews as one of their top picks because it offers everything they need when looking for an efficient way to get fit at home without spending lots of money on equipment.

This heavy duty design allows them full range capability to give you the flexibility of the workout you really need.

Sportsroyals power tower dip station
Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Product features

  • Adjustable height: 64.5-88.1 inches 
  • 43.2-inch long size H-shaped base offers more loading points
  • 1.2-6.7″ adjustable backrest  
  • “T” frame and 8 anti-slip foot covers for stability
  • 7 Adjustable backrest positions
  • 10-degree tilted armrests 


  • This machine comes with Adjustable height and backrest
  • The Ergonomic armrests provides comfort and improved functionality during workouts.
  • Supports up to 400 lbs


  • None at the moment.

Weight capacity: 400 lbs

8. GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station, Portable Power Tower

The Go Beast pull-up station is a versatile piece of workout equipment that can be used for many exercises. This 20kg/44lb bar fits into the palm of your hand and includes everything you need to get started, making it perfect whether you're going on vacation or want an at home option that's easy to carry around with its carrying bag!

The GoBeast pull-up station is made of sturdy, powder coat painted steel and features a heavy duty pull up bar with rubber grips that can hold up to 350 pounds.

The back rest has multiple height adjustments for the perfect angle whether you're working on your full range of motion or getting those high reps in!

Plus, it folds down easily once you are done with your workout!

GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station Portable Power Tower
GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free Standing Dip Station, Portable Power Tower

Product features

  • This item comes with a multi-workout design 
  • Portable as you can carry in a bag
  • 190cm pull-up bar height & 115cm dip stand height
  • Gap in between inner bars for more movement ability  


  • Multi-functional and covers over 35 exercises 
  • No heavy assembly tools are needed 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Only takes 2 minutes to dismantle


  • It can take a toll if you have to keep transporting it.
  • Only supports up to 150kg/300lbs

Weight capacity: 300 lbs

How To Choose A Pull-up Bar Stand

Pull-up bars are a great way to get in shape, but you should consider the following before purchasing one.

First off, is it even legal for me to have this stand? It's important that there isn't anything on my property preventing me from having something like this up and running at all times.

Next thing I need to do is measure how high the ceiling needs to be depending on where I want place my pull-up bar so it can hang correctly without any issues whatsoever.

Finally, I'm going to figure out what kind of stand will work best for me and the space given.


Money is the most important component of a decision when choosing any new product.

Choosing something you can afford will ensure that it won’t be an undue strain on your finances, and if money isn't going to allow you all of the features you want then don't worry because there are many models with one or two high-quality options for sale at reasonable prices!

Design & Features

What features are you looking for? A pull-up bar is a great place to start. If your goal is more than just the basics, look out for dip bars and hanging leg raise stations as well.

Power towers typically have these options so they provide maximum flexibility in terms of workout variety!

What features do you need? You want a pull up bar (or else why would you be here?).

But if your goals go beyond that, there's an even wider range of possibilities: dips/leg raises with hangbars or power tower attachments can keep things fresh when it comes time to switch exercises.

Space Needed

We always recommend buying from reputable companies that have a good track record of making acceptable products.

You also want to purchase from companies who will make things right if they’re not, especially because you are dealing with machined parts.

So you should know whether or not your replacement is guaranteed and when it expires (typically within two years).

We consider this when picking our winners!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why not get a pull-up bar that can serve all your needs?

The best type of pull up bars are the ones you will actually use, so it's important to choose wisely. There is no "best" but rather different types depending on what you want out of your workout.

Why should I choose a pull-up bar stand instead of a doorway pull-up bar?

There are many answers to this question, but the main ones include:

- Free standing pull up bar - more space for other exercises and equipment.

- You don't need a door frame in order to use your pull-up rack - can be used virtually anywhere.

Are pull-up bar stands more expensive?

Price really depends on the type of pull-up bar stand you are looking for.

Most free standing models will be more expensive than doorway pull up bars, but they can serve a variety of functions and may not require any installation or very little installation.

How much muscle gains can i get from Pull-up bar stands?

It is difficult to say. Pull-up bars are just one of many exercises that can be performed in addition to a full body weightlifting program, and may not play as large role in increasing muscle mass as other types of exercise such as squats or bench presses.

However, they deserve consideration since pull-ups work the back muscles.


The pull-up bar is a versatile bit of home gym equipment.

You can do simple chin ups and dips, but you also have the opportunity to work on more difficult movements like muscle-ups or front levers!

We've compiled what we believe are great options for anyone looking to purchase one; ranging from power towers all the way down to basic free standing bars.

Make sure that when purchasing your own, it fits best with your goals so you get optimal results while saving time in research.

For example: if building up upper body strength is where you're focusing most heavily, then look at standalone stands as opposed to full racks - they'll give you just enough space without taking away any other benefits such as cardio training via cables and straps.

Remember to fuel your gains with the best whey protein flavor!

👍 This article is written by James Chandler
James Chandler is a freelance personal fitness trainer that specialise in crossfit and bodyweight workouts, where he teaches people of all ages and fitness levels how to get strong and healthy.  His clients range from world class athletes to non-athletes who just want to feel and look great. When he is not training his clients or training for an event, he is in the gym training hard. He uses this platform to spread his knowledge on fitness and help as many people as possible.

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