15 Best Lighting For Runners Running At Night in (2022)

Are you someone who loves running in the dark? Check out the best lighting for runners for you to equip while running to be more visible and increase safety.
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Are you someone who enjoys exercising at night, specifically running? Perhaps you are someone with odd hours and running at night or early in the morning before sunrise is the only timing that fits your schedule.

As you may know, running at night in the dark is very dangerous, and it is essential that you have the right lighting. Lighting for runners are essential in keeping you safe. You can find headlamps in many places online as well as locally.

lighting for runners running at night
Running at night with lighting

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What are running lights?

Running lights are lights that are mounted on the front, rear, and sides of a person. These lights are only switched on when the person is running.

The lights help from cars to see you in the dark. Safety lights come with various types of flashing blinking lights.

These lights are bright and can be easily seen. In addition, they are rechargeable. You can charge them with an AC adapter.

Benefits of Lighting for Runners

Running lights are best for those who are interested in running with safety. They are also useful for walkers, dog walkers or joggers that enjoy running in the evening or at night.

Running lights are used by people who are running or walking on the footpath.

They are also used by people who runs or cycle in areas where there is no lighting. The key feature of this light, is the Slide Lock Technology.

This technology makes it easier to use the light secure and hold it in place on your head.

Different Types of Lightings which help runners run at night

  1. Headlamps
  2. Handheld Flashlights
  3. Chest Lights
  4. Shoe Lights
  5. Arm Bands
  6. Knuckle Lights

1. Headlamps

Headlamps are a favorite among runners since they are strapped to the head and display light where the runner is going.

They are useful for long distance runners who are running at night because they do not have to worry about holding the flashlight and can see where they are going better.

2. Handheld flashlights

Handheld flashlights are an important thing to always have around the house in case of emergencies.

If you are running with a flashlight, you can also use your cell phone to serve as a running light.

Turn up the brightness so that it illuminates something on the road and you can see it in the dark. The light will be dim, but it will be enough to see the road.

3. Belt Light / Body lights

Body lights are vests or wearables that is placed on the body for use of back up lights. They are very easy to use and affordable. They are good for day time use as well as night time use. 

4. Shoe lights

It would be an advantage for a runner to have a light attached to his/her shoes that shows where he/she is landing on the ground, whether it's an even or uneven terrain.

Also, it would be an advantage to have a light that illuminates a runner's path whether it's in a dark or a light area.

5. Arm bands lights

An arm band is more than a fashion accessory for people who like to run. It's also an important safety item for many others who may need to be seen in low visibility areas or at night.

6. Knuckle lights

The smallest and lightest lights that attach to the outermost parts of your fingers are called knuckle lights.

These have a simple mechanism. They attach to the knuckles and the joints where the fingers meet the palm of the hand. These lights are really easy to use.

You just turn on the knuckle lights and they will stay on for 12 hours and automatically turn off.

How many lumens do I need for a night run? Is 200 lumens bright enough for running?

We would say yes. A lot of running is done in the dark, when the night time comes. 200 lumens is the minimum threshold for running.

Running lights are not designed to illuminate the roads but to increase your visibility to vehicles. If you are visible to cars or any other potential dangers, then that light setting would be sufficient for running at night to keep you safe.

Should I run with a headlamp?

There are a couple of pros and cons but in my opinion they are not major ones. Firstly, a headlamp might be uncomfortable and they can be bulky. Next, they may not fit your head well and can slip off.

You can get an adjustable headbands. These are a great option for runners who don’t want to wear a headlamp or for those who want to wear it when they sleep but don’t want to have to wear it while they are active.

How to select the right type of running lights for your needs? 

If you're choosing a new set of running lights, it can be tough to know which model to pick. Here are some things to consider when choosing a new set of running lights.

  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. What features do you want?
  3. Which part of your body would you like the lighting to worn at?
  4. What kind of visibility are you looking for?

With these factors in mind, check the list of the best lighting for runners below and hopefully you can find one that is perfect for you!

Best Lighting For Runners

So if you are looking for the best lighting for runners, then hopefully this list will help you make a decision to invest in one!

What are the best running lights? Check out the great reviews about each of them and get the one you feel is best for you!

Headlamps Lighting for Runners

1. 2 Pack of Rechargeable Headlamp, 500 Lumens White Cree LED Head lamp with Red light and Motion Sensor Switch

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED
Material ABS

This headlamp is ultra bright-class-leading illumination with our 500 lumens cree led, providing five lighting modes. With intense white and red lights encompassed in a 45° rotating enclosure ensures clear vision in the dark. The inbuilt sos and strobe modes are designed for safety.

The headlamp turns itself on or off automatically when you move your hand under the sensor. This allows you to avoid accidentally making eye contact with someone else. It's designed for easy use.

The ideal running shoes are lightweight and comfortable - they should have a weight of no more than 3.5 ounces and an adjustable, ergonomically designed elastic headband which results in a secure yet comfortable fit for long-wearing sessions.

The high brightness of this headlamp lasts up to 2.5 hours per charge (500 lumens white light mode), and it comes with an included USB cable so you can plug it directly into a computer or a car charger to get an extra battery boost.

Body Lights - Lighting for Runners

2. noxgear Tracer360 - Multicolor Illuminated, Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling (Weatherproof)

Power Source Battery
Color There are many colors to choose from
Light Source Type LED
Brand noxgear

Darkness shouldn’t prevent you from exercising either. The rising risk of incidents due to distracted driving means you need maximum visibility all year round, no matter what the weather is like.

The Tracer360 was carefully engineered to provide you with maximum visibility without affecting your performance. Unlike other reflective running vests and hi viz cycling gear, our flexible fiber optic cables and 3m reflector chest belts actively keep you safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you.

The unique X shape of the LED lights guarantees a larger visibility area, illuminating both sides of the body and making you visible from over a quarter mile in any direction.

The thin, minimalist design ensures minimal fabric-to-body contact, less sweat-trapping, and helps it not interfere with your heart rate monitor. It's also sweat-resistant, chafe-free, and comfortable to wear.

Definitely a good addition to your lighting gear for running in the dark.

3. AIWOIT Reflective Running Gear, Safety Vest for Men/Women Running

Power Source Battery: CR2023 (1 in front and 1 in back)
Color White
Light Source Type LED light: front 4 LED, back 4 LED
Material Reflective lattice + 3.8cm width elastic band

A reflective running vest is very useful for people who exercise at night (running, biking, etc.) because it improves visibility and minimizes risks. This is also ideal for performing other nighttime activities more safely.

It's called Reflective Safety Vest because it does provide you with powerful front lights, safety warning rear lights, and 360-degree visibility; but it's also very different from other products on the market.

It is a 360-degree reflective material, no blind angle when lighting by car headlight, protect the safety of users. There are 4 white led light at the front and 4 black led light at back.

It is unisex, suitable for men, women, and children. The led has a hard-shaped lampshade, waterproof, protects the lamp from damage.

The high brightness led, front and back independent dual control switch, press switch. It comes with 3 lighting modes, fast flash, slow flash, continuous light. elastic band vest, fit your body well, great for outdoor night sport.

4. ALOVECO Outdoor Night Running Lights LED Chest Light Back Warning Light with Rechargeable Battery

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED

This is a lightweight and compact design, with two powerful red LED flashlights, one in front and one in back, that provides all-round protection, especially in low-light conditions.

It gives you 360 degree visibility. Most importantly, it gives you full visibility in all conditions. Whether it’s night or day, wet or dry, snowing or not, this light will give you complete visibility.

This device runs on rechargeable LED running lights with replaceable batteries. You don’t need to keep buying the batteries over and over.

It only takes a short time to recharge the battery and it’s easy to do. Comes with USB cord for charging, and has a flexible strap and an adjustable length so it’s comfortable to wear and hands-free.

5. LED Reflective Running Vest, High Visibility Warning Lights for Runners

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Reflective vest
Light Source Type LED
Material Skin-friendly material

It's a great idea to have a reflective belt on your running vest. It helps keep you safe by giving you more time to get to safety if you ever happen to get into an accident. It's easy to use, just one card for one.

The reflective strips around the buckle complete the 360° protection, reasonable design and calculation of the size of the reflective strips, high-bright reflective strips, long-distance warning at night, make you more eye-catching at night.

6. AVANTO PRO Chest Running Light for Runners and Joggers, Adjustable Beam and Reflector

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED
Brand Avanto Lifestyle

This is a hands-Free Flashlight which is an All In One where you will not need any other light gears Or Headlamps.

The best headlamp is the one that's tested and proven to be waterproof, reliable, and easy to use. It should have an adjustable brightness control and be able to withstand all types of weather.

A flashlight that's rechargeable via USB, has a long-lasting battery, and shows how much power remains is a great idea. Especially if it works just like the one shown here.

A must-have tool for running, tailgating, building a garage or any other occasion you need a hands-free source of light. Great for kids, too.

7. Zenoplige Night Running Lights

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED
Brand Zenoplige

Running in the early morning and at night requires a better view of your surroundings. This small, bright and convenient light is adjustable, you can use it anytime, anywhere!

The zenoplige chest running light can freely switch the high, low beam, strobe mode by pressing the on/off button. It adopts a 3W high-power imported XP-G lamp, and 8 red LEDs on the rear to indicate the remaining power and safety warning.

The night lights illuminate the path ahead of you up to 30 meters at night, allowing you to see the road conditions ahead clearly.

Perfect for outdoor activities, night running, hiking, fishing, walking the dog, etc., this water-resistant designed product helps you walk in the dark more safely and clearly, providing you with all-round protection.

Arm Lights - Lighting for Runners

8. BSEEN 1 Pack for 2 PCS LED Armband, Running Armband, led Bracelet Glow in The Dark

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED

If you are getting armbands lights, this is a double pack of safety armbands. That’s a reasonable price for two sets of two armbands.

They are easily adjustable. The elastic bands make it easy to adjust the fit for a loose or snug fit.

Feel comfortable while running and be seen with these lighting for arms.

9. LED Safety Light (2 Pack) - Clip On Strobe/Running Lights for Runners, Dogs, Bike, Walking

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Multiple colors available
Light Source Type LED
Brand Apace Vision

Many people are killed by motorists every year in the US. That's why it is important for you to pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that you are visible to other road users.

A lot of these accidents could have been avoided by wearing safety lights. These lights were designed to get the attention of motorists at a safe distance. They offer the perfect amount of light to keep you seen and to help you be more visible to drivers at all times.

This safety light comes with three ultra bright LEDS, with a total output of 9 powerful lights. It also comes with the Stay-Put Clips are a great way to add a little "bling" to your wardrobe and keep those pesky security guards at bay.

It has a steady and strobe are the two lightning modes, accessible by one click with over 70 hours of continuous illumination with replaceable batteries.

Last but not least, it is very versatile and water resistant so it can be very durable.

10. Emmabin - 35cm Glow Bracelets with 4Pcs Package

Power Source Battery
Color Orange, Green, Pink, Blue
Light Source Type LED
Brand Emmabin

There are four armbands in one pack. You can get 4 different colors via one purchase (Orange-Armband, Green-Armband, Pink-Armband, Blue-Armband). It's a safe bet and very reasonable priced.

The dimension of Emmabin LED Armband is 4cm x 35cm, it fits on both adults and children, men and women, and can be worn on any part of the body, such as wrist, ankle, and arm. If you want to use it around the biceps, please check the dimension to see if it can fit on. The elastic band makes it easy to put on over your arms.

This LED slap band provides ultra-high visibility in dark and nighttime activities. It provides great safety protection for you, your children or your pet from negligent and distracted drivers. You can also wear it for night activity, like a favorite singer’s concert or a campfire evening party and etc.

Replaceable CR2032 3V lithium button batteries are included. They have an expected lifespan of 50-70 hours. When they are exhausted, you can replace them with new ones.

11. OMKHE Running Light for Runners (2 Pack) Rechargeable LED Armband

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Multiple colors available
Light Source Type LED

This high-visibility slap band is ideal for use during outdoor activities such as running, biking, and hiking at dusk or nighttime. It features an ultra-bright LED that stays on continuously for up to 20 hours, even in sunlight.

This LED Arm Band Reflector can help increase the battery life of your rechargable / portable / wearable devices. It is easy-to-use and can be quickly and conveniently attached to a user’s arm or other body part that is exposed to the elements.

It's so light that even a small child could wear it for hours without feeling any burden. And, the Velcro® design makes it very easy and convenient to put on and take off.

Belt Lights - Lighting for Runners

12. LED Reflective Belt - USB Rechargeable - High Visibility Gear for Running

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Reflective neon
Light Source Type LED
Brand Illumiseen

It gives you 360 degree visibility. It's 100 times safer than any other alternative because it reflects oncoming light AND illuminates. There is no way to overlook anyone wearing this. All vehicles will see you well in advance.

This allows you to have 100% visibility. It’s the only headlight that reflects light and illuminates. There is no way to overlook anyone wearing this headlight. All vehicles will see you well in advance.

With just one click you can change from a low-intensity flashing mode to a high-intensity glow mode. It's easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. The adjustable straps let you position it where you want and the elastic makes it fit perfectly.

It has a long lasting, bright LED flash with 5 modes including strobe, timer, SOS, beacon and night vision. The strong yet lightweight aluminum body makes it easy to carry around all day and perfect for emergencies. The waterproof rating allows you to use it in water up to 1 meter.

13. HOKOILN Outdoor Night Running Lights

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED

This devices emits a powerful 200 lumen bright white LED light, which is strong enough to light your path in the dark, as well as allow others to see you from far away.

This safety light has three setting modes. One for 100% brightness, one for 50% brightness, and one that has a red LED strobe. They are all accessible by just one click.

Use your hands free with a handy magnetic clip light. This light can be clipped to your hat, pocket, running belt, travel bag belt, running vest, dog collar and so on. Attach also to any magnetic surface and use as a working light.

No batteries are required. Use your computer’s USB port to recharge the light. Much more convenient and eco-friendly.

It is useable under any weather condition. It comes with a silicone cover which provides protection from dirt and water.

14. FlipBelt Running Light

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Black
Light Source Type LED
Brand FlipBelt

FlipBelt's LED Running Light is the best way to run safely in low or no light situations. It fits securely into any FlipBelt and goes on the front of your hips, at a lower angle than a headlamp and allows you to see ground objects more easily.

Runners in low to no light conditions should wear a flipbelt*. It's important for them to both see and be seen while running. That's why the running light securely fits into any access point in a flipbelt and goes on the front of their hips, at a lower angle than headlamps and allows them to see ground objects more easily.

Running with a running belt that has a light attached to it dramatically reduces the amount of glare that reflects back to your eyes.

It doesn't bounce around like a headlamp since it's attached to your center of gravity. This powerful, super bright 500 lumens light is attached to a flexible, waterproof body with a flip up attachment point for easy use.

15. BSEEN LED Running Waist Belt

Power Source Rechargeable-battery
Color Multiple colors available
Light Source Type LED
Brand Ming D&Y Inc

Whether you are running in the dark or doing night time cycling, this seen running belt provides a 360 degree visibility. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and two flashing LEDs.

The whole length of this belt is 100cm / 39inch and it also comes with elastic bands to suit for different people, regardless of their size or strength.

Because it uses a rechargeable battery, it weighs less than comparable models that use alkaline batteries. That means you can wear it longer and it will still work when you need it the most.

That concludes our list of the best lighting for runners that you should definitely help you to have more safety while running at night or in the dark.

What is the reason for you to run at night?

Nighttime exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It has many benefits and few drawbacks.

Here are some of the major reasons people choose to exercise at night:

1. They don't want to wake up their spouse or partner.

2. They are tired and want to "cure" their exhaustion by exercising.

3. They like the solitude of working out by themselves. Whatever the reason, many people who exercise at night just aren't as serious about it as they should be.

4. They are not the morning person. Nighttime exercisers don't have this excuse anymore.

If you are worried that working out and running at night will affect your sleep, don't worry anymore. A study here, has shown that it doesn't.

Benefits of running at night

Running at night is one of the best ways to burn fat. After the sun goes down, your body will naturally burn more calories than it would during the day.

This is a natural survival instinct that has helped us grow stronger throughout history.

You can take advantage of this by planning to go on a walk or jog at sunset. This is also a great time to do your weight-lifting in order to add some extra muscle to your body.

This will help you burn calories faster and more consistently throughout the day.

Most runners prefer to run at night. It’s not only because you can run less crowded and give your legs a rest, but also because running at night has its own advantages – like improving your mood, enjoy the night scenery and avoid the mid-day heat.


In conclusion, we hope you have learned a lot more on the best lighting for runners from this article, and also the best brands to choose from for your next purchase!

All of the products mentioned in this article are bright enough for low light running and nighttime training, and they should all be great to give you the confidence you need to run even in the darkest of conditions.

Staying safe when running is important, and a good light can go a long way to helping you stay safe on the roads.

There are some great options out there and I hope this list of the best running lights for runners has helped you to find the right one for you.

If you are looking to fuel your muscles after a great workout, check out the best paleo protein powders today!

👍 This article is written by James Chandler
James Chandler is a freelance personal fitness trainer that specialise in crossfit and bodyweight workouts, where he teaches people of all ages and fitness levels how to get strong and healthy.  His clients range from world class athletes to non-athletes who just want to feel and look great. When he is not training his clients or training for an event, he is in the gym training hard. He uses this platform to spread his knowledge on fitness and help as many people as possible.

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